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Bring ideas to life

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In a world where attention is scarce and the amount of information we receive overwhelming, powerful communications must make an immediate impact.

Our team has a wealth of experience in structuring strategic content to deliver integrated internal communications. We partner with you at key moments – or across the full lifecycle of a strategic programme – to define, deliver and evolve your communications at each stage of the process:

With the visual brief, plan, and timeline, defined and key stakeholders identified, we work with your communications team to create the overarching narrative and the assets required to raise initial awareness of your programme.

Photo during a conference where there's a woman asking a question with a microphone while an illustrator is graphic recording on an infomural.

Visual themes often contain multiple evolving narratives. At every stage of the process, you can count on our expertise in using visual thinking and modeling to help you manage ambiguity, facilitate alignment, and break down complex ideas to communicate them with coherence and clarity.

Our graphic facilitators will help you choose the best and most engaging format for your messaging, ranging from presentations and infographics to training tools and websites.

Our Services

Live Scribing

Brings conversations to life by capturing insights through real-time illustration. The end result facilitates recall and reflection as a synthesis of the conversation.

innovation-arts_live-scribing-graphic-recording-in person-05.jpg


Brings to life the key points and messages in your communications and presentations.


Rich Pictures

Brings content to life in a highly visual way allowing it to be seen in context which creates greater engagement, understanding and retention.



Communicate impactful messages across audiences that may be difficult to explain with both narrative, visuals, and motion tied together seamlessly.


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