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Explainer videos for an omni-channel digital system

The Ask:

Our client was introducing a new omni-channel digital system within a medical worldwide organisation. Their old systems caused many duplications and misalignment. They created a platform with resources for the employees to see in what way it would improve their day-to-day and how to use it.

The Solution:

We created a series of explainer videos covering topics like process changes or how to create user journeys. As this was going to be seen by employees from different countries, we first worked with the team to define the characters to make them diverse so the majority of users would feel represented. We also chose a whiteboard animation style as its simplicity allowed the messages to come through better.

Once the look and feel was decided, we created a detailed calendar plan in order to assign time and resources to each stage of the animation process.

Many animations had to be delivered in a short timeframe, this meant that the animation process of each one ran in parallel. We successfully delivered all of the animations in the needed timeframe thanks to an organised management. Thanks to this, we got a similar request some months later to create a new batch of animations,

Below you can watch a section of one of these animations.


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