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Build momentum and impact

-by design

Play is a powerful way of engaging people. Neuroscience and psychology show that workplace play relieves stress, improves brain function, boosts creativity and improves relationships. It is effective too: play encourages employees into creative risk-taking and creative thinking, meaning deeper engagement, and gives permission to break siloed working.


Our Game Science® platform creates collaborative engagement through online play. We’ve developed games to address topics that include purpose and culture, values and behaviours, strategy, business models and value chains and even process optimisation. They can be deployed at every stage of the employee lifecycle to ensure a consistent experience that can address both ‘hard’, factual elements of organisational life to ‘softer’, human-centred ones. The power of our games resides in the conversations they create – but not that alone.


The platform means all games are designed to scale and have have global reach.


And there is more. All games feature our unique scoring algorithms that record intuitive answers indicating how well people understand game content. Organisations are able to generate valuable engagement data over time which provides deep insights into the beliefs, attitudes and knowledge of their people and make more targeted interventions where needed to increase engagement, morale, wellbeing and hence overall productivity.

Play with the key elements of your organisation’s strategy to understand the implications it has on its business model

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