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Create better results, faster

-by design

When organisations face challenging disruptions and strategic shifts, the level of complexity involved can quickly demand more than the existing processes and culture can handle. But outsourcing to traditional teams of traditional consultants often leads to solutions that are hard to implement in practice.


Innovation Arts brings a fresh and highly effective approach to tackling these complex problems, acting as a catalyst for the enterprise’s own resources.


Our Collaboration Consulting approaches stimulate and direct your own stakeholders’ intellect and imagination, unleashing their ‘group genius’ through application of collaborative methodologies based on Applied Design Thinking and Whole System Facilitation.


We use a multi-layer approach that acts at each level of the system – top down and bottom up – ensuring alignment and integration for sustainable results.


This means we can:

Delivering clarity and alignment, faster

Today’s leader faces the pressure of remaining competitive, profitable, and relevant while managing day-to-day processes efficiently and effectively.

When faced with challenging disruptions, the combination of urgency and complexity demands extraordinary focus.

Innovation Arts brings the structure, process, experience and tools necessary to help leaders navigate complexity, crystallise vision and strategy, innovate, align their peers, and engage their organisation in executing change.

We offer strategic leadership support that enables your team to maintain a high-level, systemic focus on your strategic and cultural objectives during times of disruption.

We don’t analyse your business, formulate a strategy, and deliver it to you to execute. Instead, we work with you and your leadership team to bring your own expertise to bear on your own challenges. Typically, this starts with a conversation, helping your leadership team define those challenges together and to anticipate and resolve pressing issues.

We can then support you in co-designing a programme of interventions that will generate ideas, innovations and robust solutions while sustaining direction and momentum.

Close-up of a man's hand writing on a whiteboard during a collaboration consulting workshop by Innovation Arts.

And all the while freeing your team from the weight of managing the programme itself, so you can benefit from the best of your own resources at each stage of the programme.


There is no ‘off the peg’ solution at Innovation Arts: everything we do is bespoke to each client and their needs, and that’s why we always start with a diagnostic scoping conversation, not a proposal.

These half-day sessions typically bring half a dozen of your critical stakeholders together to dig deeper into the challenges you face, helping you articulate and align on the problem and exploring potential ways forward.

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