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Engaging Clients at Scale (Insurance)

Client-centric global collaborative strategy programme

The Client

A world-leading provider of reinsurance.

The Engagement

We were engaged to help an industry leading reinsurer design and deliver a programme of strategy formulation in the context of global risk drivers. This involved the design and delivery of a worldwide series of collaborative DesignSessions bringing clients, staff and executives together with thought leaders and subject matter experts to identify trends facing the industry and discover next steps for the client to address them.

The Complexity

  • 4000-strong client and employee collaboration programme

  • Long-term strategy co-design with 50% client representation

  • Experiential and collaborative approach

Design and Delivery

  •  Coordinated programme of four conferences in Zurich, London, New York, and Beijing timed to coincide with the organisation’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

  • Each conference included a large participant group of 500 top client representatives and 500 staff members.

  • The events featured highly-sought-after SMEs and thought leaders who brought shared their experience and ideas around global megatrends.

  • The focus of each event was on sustainable energy, climate change, food security, and aging populations and the ways each will affect the client and its business in the future.

  • The events each followed an identical structure of a combination of plenary sessions with keynotes by SMEs on the main themes followed by facilitated ‘fishbowl’ conversations with the participants around the impact of these trends on the work the organisation does and the expectations of clients, to understand the implications of these future events for insurers and their customers.

  • Visual facilitation of the plenary sessions, mass visual facilitation of the fishbowl conversations including knowledge walls, live scribing, and the resultant capture and assembly of ‘The Book of Scribes,’ a hardcover bound collection of high-quality photographs and high- resolution graphic capture of the experience.

  • The immersive atmosphere of the event included highly designed live experiences, including activity areas, trade-fair-style info booths and hands-on workshops including vegan cooking lessons, virtual reality weather events, and old-age suits.


  •  Alignment on, and engagement with, strategy responses to megatrends from staff and clients.

  • Deeper, lasting customer relationships.


  • Hardback bound ‘Book of Scribes’ containing all the visual output of the events

  • Full archive of all the documentation of the event


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