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Learning Operating Model (Banking)

The Client

One of the largest and most established players in the banking sector.

The Players

Multiple heads of Learning and Programme, members of the Learning Executive Board and the Human Resources Leadership Team gathered together to set the vision and direction for the next three years.

The Context

The Client needed help accelerating decision-making and agreeing direction for a fundamental transformation of their Learning Function.

Session Objectives

  • Build a shared understanding of the current state of learning at the organisation using an established diagnostic model.

  • Build a set of recommendations for the future vision of learning, which illustrates an ideal state for key stakeholder groups

  • A high-level operating model to describe how learning at the organisation will be conducted in the future.


  • High degree of engagement and quality of participant work.

  • The collaborative work experience brought energy, engagement and

  • Exceptional participant feedback.

Strategy, Tactics and Skills:

In the morning, a smaller team went through a visioning exercise to build a recommended vision

for three years in the future. This was followed by a scan of the current state learning diagnostic results, and an exploration of the different operating model options. The information led to the building of a draft operating model which would enable the delivery of the vision. This draft model was tested and iterated to ensure it would be fit for purpose. Then, in the afternoon, the vision and operating model recommendations were presented to key senior organisation leadership stakeholders. They were given the opportunity to test the vision and model, and provide input to the next iteration.

Results and Evaluation

  • Alignment of the executive team around the direction the Learning organisation was taking.

  • Agreement from the executive team for the programme to take the recommendations to the next level, building a detailed business case to bring back to the board.

Collaborative Process

Innovation Arts worked closely with the Client to deliver a new way of working to solve this complex problem and enact a culture transformation, which benefited from having multiple points of view brought together ro build and iterate pieces of the vision puzzle.

“I had high expectations coming into this event, and I have to say, you totally exceeded them.”- Bank Director


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