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TED Global 2016

The Challenge:

This year’s TED Global took place in Geneva Switzerland. As we flew in over the snowy Alps we were filled with excitement. Headed to an equally impressive summit (excuse the puns) we were about to hear talks from incredible thinkers, creatives, and innovators from around the world. This year boasted huge names – notably Yanis Varoufakis – and we couldn’t wait to capture the rich content that lay in store for us.

The annual Global summit is divided into two sessions with musical interludes in each. This year, we captured content on macroeconomics, virtual reality, regenerating brain tissue, world travelling and so much more. Attendees were really pleased with the final Infomural and all the snapping of photos meant we could also take a peak at the other amazing exhibitors – who can resist a chance to try a VR headset!


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