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Brings life to the key points and messages in your communications and presentations.


Hand-drawn and/or digital-vector images highlight all or selected elements of your content, from iconography to comic strips and concept visualisation.

Great for presentations, newsletters, social media posts

Our Designers will help your materials come to life by creating bespoke illustrations according to your needs. These are the differentiators that will make your content relatable, accessible, and interesting.

Our team will work with you and the key stakeholders to develop the best way to illustrate the content. These can be illustrations that go hand in hand with text or stand-alone pieces that tell a full story. Using the same illustrative elements in your project will bring a cohesive element that will tie it all together.

Customer personas and avatars, team and organisation profile images delivered as high-resolution digital files so that they can be placed anywhere.

The Collaborative 

Pre-production / Scoping

Our team works with you to understand the context and purpose of each illustration. Working with all key stakeholders we use that conversation to draft initial structural sketches and define a look and feel to the artwork ensuring it is on-brand where required.


Taking these initial sketches back to our studio we work up a more complete set of drafts to allow you to add any refinements required.


Once the drafts are fully agreed, we bring the artwork to life with more detailed linework and by adding colour and texture as required.

Suggested add-ons


Print Ready

Print your visuals in any size you want, from postcards to send out to murals to decorate your workspace. Our team can develop the artwork in order to fit your needs and assist in the printing process.

Case studies

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Have you got anything else in mind?

Drawing and telling stories is what we enjoy the most, so let us know your vision.

We love a creative challenge!

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