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Dynamic and highly interactive explainer videos that are highly engaging with a voiced or visually signposted story to ensure your communication is on-brand and on-message.


Communicate impactful messages across audiences that may be difficult to explain in other ways with both narrative, visuals and movement tied together seamlessly.

Animations are an excellent contemporary approach to storytelling, allowing a blend of narration and visual anchoring to grab your audience’s attention and create real impact.

We often use animations to help clients introduce a new concept, change or disruption. They can make the unfamilar feel familiar, or the complex feel more approachable. Effective stories need to be concise and memorable, making animations great for reaching wide audiences with strategic messages.

Great for explainer videos, brand storytelling, advertising...

Animations are being used more and more by our clients to realise the impact of sparking the imagination of the organisation. They can act as a call to arms or a rallying cry to get the power of an organisation behind a shared vision. They excite, enable and embed our beliefs, aspirations and ideas.​

These are great to break down messages in a simple way, using our expertise at synthesising from Scribing. Our Innovation Arts hand-drawn style will bring your messaging to life in an engaging way!

The Collaborative 

Pre-Production / Scoping

Our team work with you to understand the context and purpose of the animeation. Working with all key stakeholders we use that conversation to create a plan that ensures we can bring together all the elements on time and on budget. We used a phased approach ensuring we can sign off at the end of each phase, below, and move smoothly through the project.


Pre-Production / Scripting and Voice

Working with all key stakeholders, we help you create your narrative, either working with you to create the script itself and/or to ensure your own script is fitting the visual style you are looking to develop. We can also help you find the right voice to give your story the tone you are looking to strike with your audiences.


Pre-Production / Visual Style

Our team works with you to draft initial sketches and define a look and feel to the artwork ensuring it is on-brand where required.


Production / Storyboarding

Taking the agreed styling and script components back to our studio we blend these to create a series of ‘napkin stretches’ that together form the overall flow of the animation. The storyboard is a visual representation of the deconstructed narration.


Production / Asset Development and Animation

With the storyboard agreed, we develop the visual assets (such as objects and characters) and simultaneously start animating them. At appropriate transitions in the story, we share these with you so we can maintain pace and ensure we are aligned and on track.



Once the best final result is achieved we will create exports to meet your needs, for example adding subtitles so the video can be used in many locations.

Animation Steps.png

Suggested add-ons


Extract short clips from the original animation to use in your social media channels to attract attention.

Case studies

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Have you got anything else in mind?

Drawing and telling stories is what we enjoy the most, so let us know your vision.

We love a creative challenge!

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