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Collaboratively-built detailed and complex illustrations used to show extensive content and context.


Rich pictures are an excellent way of presenting detailed, complex content in a visually engaging way. They can communicate the scale and complexity of your programme or initiative, and everyone’s place within it.

Structurally, Rich Pictures must be accurate in portraying all elements of the system and the relationships between them, so your people see themselves within the visual in a way that speaks to the heart of your organisation.

Great for proposals, roadmaps, presentations

That’s why building a Rich Picture starts with our Designers working with key stakeholders to understand the detailed content and the context of what you need to communicate. Getting this right provides the robust base to our creative approach, ensuring your Rich Picture is both stylistically engaging and powerful.

Whether you are pitching an idea, simplifying a presentation, a roadmap, or defining a vision; investing time and effort upfront in the drafting and development stage of a Rich Picture will enable you to effortlessly talk through different concepts and their relationships as a systemic whole.

Rich Pictures can communicate the scale and complexity of a programme or ecosystem and everyone’s place in it. Our illustrators can work in a variety of bespoke styles to turn complex messaging into understandable imagery according to your needs.

The Collaborative 

Pre-production / Scoping

Our team works with you to understand the context and purpose of the rich picture. Working with all key stakeholders we use that conversation to draft initial structural sketches and define a look and feel to the artwork ensuring it is on-brand where required.


Taking these initial sketches back to our studio we work up a more complete first draft to allow you to immerse yourself in the work, suggest refinements and iterations required, and sign off on the direction of both content and artwork.


Once the overall structure and content are fully agreed upon, we bring the artwork to life with more detailed linework and by adding colour and texture as required.

Suggested add-ons


Separating out the main points from each illustration for use in, for example, your social media channels, our team can extract and prepare them as still images or even animate them according to your needs.

Selected highlights-web-landscape.jpg
Printed rich picture puzzle.jpg

Print Ready

Print your visuals in any size you want, from postcards to send out to murals to decorate your workspace. Our team can develop the artwork in order to fit your needs and assist in the printing process.

Case studies


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