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We are a hybrid strategy consultancy and design agency


Innovation Arts is a hybrid strategy consultancy and design agency founded in 2004. Our team is a mixture of management consultants, designers, creatives, artists and communications experts who have a passion for working with organisations to make change happen - by design. 


Our philosophy is simple: we unleash the intellect and imagination of our clients by creating conditions for new ways of working and removing barriers to effective change. Because of our innovative approach we were described by GQ as ‘the management consultancy of the future.’ We have employed our unique approach at the WEF in Davos and TED Global, among other high-stakes, high-profile situations. Many of our clients have returned to us for subsequent engagements over the years, and our team is proud to have worked extensively with organisations as diverse as Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, Virgin, Natwest, Barclays, BP, Shell (all about renewables), UNGC and Greenpeace.

Through collaborative engagement, co-design and play, new possibilities can be created.


We specialise in facilitating collaborative work to help organisations of all kinds rapidly resolve complex problems. By co-designing and supporting transformation programmes that involve one or more large-scale interventions, we put design thinking in the hands of the users: an organisation’s own people, whom we believe are the best resources to build a successful outcome. Therefore, we embed our programme design in the organisation’s values and behaviours to ensure the result is fit for purpose. Our approach to supporting a programme throughout its transformation journey gives our clients confidence that delivery will be responsive to evolving conditions, and its final outcome will be as clear as the initial vision.


Conventional approaches can fail because they do not address cynicism, personal agendas, overlapping initiatives or troubles deep within the organisation’s own culture. Our collaborative approach acknowledges these complexities from the start, decreasing risk, increasing buy-in and significantly shortening the time to implementation and value-realisation. We do this by including all the key components for success - investment, insight, alignment, commitment, measurement and speed - as part of our design thinking. Our clients engage us because we deliver systemic, high-quality, sustainable outcomes with less uncertainty, less risk, and in a fraction of the time. Recent examples of the work we have undertaken are in the formulation of strategy (a major bank) and the execution of strategy (a global agrochemical organisation), operating model design (a global telco) and Brexit scenario planning (numerous engagements). All involve one or more large-scale (50 person-plus) collaborative sessions over a number of days - akin to the sessions we run at Davos.


A further extension of our transformation programs is Games Science®, which fuses our expertise in collaboration and creativity with game design to create engaging tools to address organisational challenges fundamentally grounded in cultural change. Within the GS portfolio the Dilemma® product suite supports the understanding of values and corresponding behaviours throughout the employee lifecycle, and the resulting data can be viewed as a measurement of cultural effectiveness. 



You learn rapidly and eagerly


You create new ideas that prove useful

High Performance

You care intensely about the success of (y)our business


You take (y)our work seriously and yourself less so


You accomplish amazing amounts of important work


You are true to yourself and others

Our leadership team

Portrait of David Christie
Portrait of Jonathan Guppy
Portrait of Carlos Bentabol

David Christie


Jonathan Guppy

Vice chair

Carlos Bentabol

Creative Director

jed mills_portrait

Jed Mills

Animator & Illustrator

mimi espi
mimi portrait

Mimi Espí

Illustrator & Scribe

+ a network of skilled professionals

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