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We make
change happen

Gif showing the words "by design" in hand-written fonts

We are a hybrid strategy consultancy and design agency

We work together with our clients to design specific collaborative interventions and creative, visual narratives within tailor-made programmes, to make change happen - by design, not default.

Man writing  with a marker on a whiteboard during a collaboration consulting workshop from Innovation Arts.

How do you unleash the intellect and imagination of your organisation?

Illustration featuring a bubble housing three scenes, each accompanied by explanatory notes at the bottom.

How do you cut through the complexity and clutter of an interconnected world?

A group of smiling individuals seated around an office table, holding electronic devices showcasing a game designed by Innovation Arts.

How do you create a buzz within your organisation with striking, stirring campaigns?

We’ve supported the evolution of hundreds of organisations since our creation in 2004

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